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Welcome to PT. Polaris SCIENTIFIC



Mr. Hendra Basuki Rachmat founded Polaris Scientific (Indonesia) in July 2000, representing SPECTRON INC X-Ray Spectrometer, PG Instruments UV-VIS & AA Spectrometer, Turner Designs hydrocarbon in water analyzer, Sycopel corrosion monitoring, CI Analytics chromatograph products line, Scientech balance and Interspectrum FTIR. The proprietorship expanded rapidly as market demand for laboratory scientific products innovative grew in Indonesia. In year 2004 the company was company limited registered under the laws of Indonesia to form Polaris Scientific (Indonesia)., PT Perseroan Terbatas (company limited).


Principal Products


The Polaris Scientific product line consists of Laboratory Scientific Products and Instrumentations. These products are suitable for use in industrial applications such as Petroleum & Petrochemical testing, Water Treatment, Cement & Mining.



1. Spectron NPO, Ltd. , Russia